Burger King Gets Social


BK has come into the Social game with a new app that provides discounts and free food for those who post there location of being in a Burger King on Facebook. If you really want to get those discounts, those late night sneaks to BK and Taco Bell will not be so secret anymore.


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Who’s Watching What Online

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New Volvo Test-Drive App

This new mobile app by Volvo allows users to take a test-drive down the road of a magazine print ad. This one is pretty cool in that it shakes when you get close to the lines, shakes when you follow too close, and allows you to drive at night with the lights on.

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Facebook and Social Gaming Boom

It’s hard to ignore, the fact that everywhere we look social games are popping into our lives. Starting with Mafia Wars and Farmville, this once tiny industry has in just a matter of a couple of years exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry, estimated to reach $2.18 Billion by 2012. And the most unthought aspect, is that the majority of these gamers are women. Surpassing the number of viewers of our biggest prime-time television watchers, social games are obviously here to stay. The ability for innovation within these games also seems limitless, able to link gamers to any brand, website, charities, etc. The things we will see out of the social and Facebook gaming industry over the next few years will no doubt be incredible, the possibilities are endless.

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Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape, SMARTwater

Jennifer Aniston and Smartwater have teamed up to create a viral video. Making a joke out of the generic viral videos, Jennifer converses on set with a group of viral marketing geeks to find out what really gets viewers hits. Cute little puppies, freak-dancing babies, double rainbows all get to be part of the laughs. In the end Jennifer asks what they should call the video, the geeks reply with “Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape?”, and we can’t help but laugh. With already over 1.4 million hits, Smartwater proves to be pretty smart with this video.

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Ipad2 vs the Competition

Another day, another Apple product hits the market. With Steve Job’s unfortunate situation it seems we will see Apple release all the tricks in their bag in the upcoming months. The latest, is the release of the iPad2. Dominating the tablet market since the launch of the iPad, they are looking to ward off the new entrants with the new and improved product that swept the electronic consumer market.

But what makes the iPad2 so great? Mashable provides us with a simple and great infographic comparing the iPad2 vs Motorola’s Xoom, HP’s TouchPad and the original iPad.


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M&M’s Space Heroes

Let’s turn every website we visit into a game. That’s what BBDO Denmark did for the M&M’s brand, they have made any website into their “Space Heroes” internet invasion game. Crazy, right? Brands delivering interactive experiences that are accessible anywhere on the web, and we mean everywhere.

This little gimmick is accomplished through Bookmarklets, which are little Javascript apps that are launched from a bookmark. All you have to do is visit the “M&M’s Space Heroes” website, drag a little spaceship into your bookmark bar, then your ready to play on ANY website you like… Facebook, Google, you name it. Click the bookmark in your browser bar, and you’re playing!

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