iPad's Getting a New Look… 3D

Just in time for those of you who just got your new iPad for Christmas, we’re gonna do the American thing to do and show you what you can look forward to buying in 2 years. Drum Roll Please… TADAA, the new iPad 3D. Due to drop in early 2013, this iPad will project a 3D display from the shocking one-fifth of an inch thick device. And before you say, “Oh, I cant wait to wear my 3D glasses around town!” , (you smug c***), know that the new iPad will not be using those fashionable 3D glasses to  see the 3D screen, just your very own eyes! Why couldn’t movie companies have figured this out earlier…

According to Mac Life |

1. We’e found that parallax barrier displays tend to excel at showing objects receding into the background, rather than objects jumping out of the screen. So the iPad 3D will come with desktop themes that “embed” unique spatial effects and animations beneath the screen’s surface. The theme you see here mimics a swimming pool. Tap the icon of an app you want to load, and animated 3D waves ripple forth.

2. Note the edge-to-edge display—the black border around the screen’s perimeter is gone! If you want the border back, just push in the same toggle switch that locks screen orientation in the current iPad. You’ll lose some screen real estate (and pixels), but you’ll gain a place to put your grubby mitts.

So ju

3. The iPad 3D will increase 2D screen resolution from a current spec of 1024×768 to roughly 1280×1024—and, yes, that 2D resolution will engage dynamically when non-3D content is displayed. Because it’ll have to split its horizontal pixel grind in half for 3D viewing, the 3D resolution will be an effective grid of roughly 640×768. We write “roughly” because the rounded edges decrease the display’s total pixel count. Never heard of an LCD grid that follows a gentle curve? Toshiba Matsushita announced this technology in October 2007.

Looking forward to using this 3D entertainment, we salute Apple for keeping us on our toes. How cool will this be if Apple can give us 3D t.v. and games and internet? REALLY F’N COOL. And another thing that Apple looks to add, a fingerprint system that can have adjustable security levels for if you want to grant access to your hands and your hands only. Multiple accounts and registered fingerprints make the security on this machine beautiful.


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