Future of Facebook Pt. 1

Over the last few weeks, Facebook has been receiving attention for becoming perhaps the solidified #1 website, over google. Facebook has been a very fluid changing organism that continues to impress and see the future very well. So today we’re going to go a little more into what we see the “book” doing these next few years.

What is Facebook? I think that 3 years ago this question was somewhat simple to answer. Its a social network where college students and the younger generations were able to express there words and pictures between friends. However, today is a much different “book”. With everyones mom, dog, and employer on the book, it seems as though Facebook is surely soon to lose its hip appeal in our even younger generations (12-18). Facebook has done a very intelligent thing, however, its started to make facebook a business, finally. Knowing that there is only limited time left on the lifespan of facebooks “coolness”, Mark Zucker… has started selling out for the big money.

In a recent article, we discussed how JC Penney became the first major store to officially put its entire store on Facebook. This includes the ability to buy clothing. There is no doubt that many brands will follow. Following in this trend Facebook is removing the need for a search engine such as google, as they are creating their own web within the web. However, this is not the facebook that our younger generation will be attracted to. Its just not, in the history of our innovative culture movers, we have always moved away from the overly popular and towards something more simple and less noisy than that which the Facebook monster is becoming.

Here is an image showing the activity of Facebook from around the world.

There is no doubt in my mind that Facebook is the most powerful website in the world right now, and theres no reason why you, as a business person, or even as an individual, shouldn’t use the book as a marketing tool. We here, are just stating that the this is about the top of the peak for Facebook, here in the next year or two.

And the Goldman Sachs Investment, this is exactly how things should shake out if Facebook was to take a plunge in the next couple years. The folks at Goldman Sachs, as upstanding citizens as they are, are interested in making a quick buck. Let’s just assume that they bought a portion of this company to make money. The immediate future of Facebook is obviously very bright, everyone from around the world is joining the sight at an unstoppable rate. Next, the business’ are coming into Facebook, also at an unstoppable rate, e.g. my corner newspaper stand guy just sent me a business “like” request! The value of Facebook from an outside perspective is growing hugely. However, Mark Z is a now thinking like a businessman, no longer a startup entrepreneur, and we know this because he’s now in the good company of the fellows at Goldman Sachs.

Facebook is comitting suicide, slowly, but they’re doing it while making a lot of money, and I’m assuming Mark Z is okay with that.

Next week we’ll have a “part 2” of the future of Facebook on how we at thebestdamnmarketingblog see things going, and talking more about why and how Facebook is killing itself. Until then, please let us know what you think  will be happening with Facebook in the future!?!


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