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Who’s Watching What Online


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M&M’s Space Heroes

Let’s turn every website we visit into a game. That’s what BBDO Denmark did for the M&M’s brand, they have made any website into their “Space Heroes” internet invasion game. Crazy, right? Brands delivering interactive experiences that are accessible anywhere on the web, and we mean everywhere.

This little gimmick is accomplished through Bookmarklets, which are little Javascript apps that are launched from a bookmark. All you have to do is visit the “M&M’s Space Heroes” website, drag a little spaceship into your bookmark bar, then your ready to play on ANY website you like… Facebook, Google, you name it. Click the bookmark in your browser bar, and you’re playing!

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Girl’s Rear View Cam Goes Viral

Just when you thought it was safe to believe beauty can come with brains, we find out that the Rear View Cam was created as a viral campaign for Levi’s. The too hot to be true pair Reanin Johannink and Jessie Gurunathan (TV star and singer) actually were just that. Colenso BBDO is behind the video, I applaud their work by the way, and came from Levi’s San Francisco headquarters 6 months ago.

What did you think when you first saw the video, did you think it was real? Are we getting better at spotting videos that were created by corporations? Let us know what you think!

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Love Hurts

Pepsi’s new commercial with 1.7 million views in 1 week. So glad to see that this year’s SuperBowl brought back lots of good ads for the first time in quite a while. Tell us what was your favorite video from this last week?

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Audi Challenging the Face of Luxury

This may not qualify as a Viral Video, with only 1.3 million hits in a week, but I have a applaud Audi for the bold marketing campaign they’re undertaking. Challenging the big guns and poking fun at them in their faces. This could start a luxury war where a lot of dollars are spent showing who’s “boss”.

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Poorly Done Viral Marketing

In the last string of videos made by YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill, his last one released was a duo of him and David Guetta making a megamix of Guetta’s biggest hits. Throughout Keenan’s video history he has made people laugh and cry with his hilarious performances of songs from Beyonce, Katy Perry, 50 Cent, and now DG. This video, released Jan 24, has 8.5 million hits.

The first problem with this video is that from the start its obvious that this is not a video that has been toyed with to make Keenan look cool like he’s hanging out with David, from the start it is just a video of them hanging out. Ok, I can live with that, good for Keenan, he deserves it. However, it loses some of the life the video has when I see this. Remember the video with him and 50 Cent, whether real or not, I don’t really know, the whole time I was blown away wondering whether it was or not. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is.

If it wasn’t real, then WOW, this is awesome video editing by Keenan. And if it was real, then I thought that it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen a rapper (50 Cent) ever do. Either way I was dancing with Keenan in the video and laughing the whole time, great marketing either way.

Now back to the video with David Guetta. It was cool how they were hanging out in the studio and dancing, but I have one more beef with the video. It is that David Guetta seemed to make the video completely commercial, putting the name of all his biggest songs on a board for everyone to read. This is just ADVERTISING, it is no longer what Keenan intended these videos to be. 1 out 3 people “disliked “this video, compared to the usual 8-9 out of 10  “liking” his videos, and its easy to see why.

David Guetta could have made this a lot better, and that is by video editing himself into a video where Keenan was singing DG’s biggest songs in a studio, then DG came in and made it obvious that this was not a toyed with video. Boom, and everyone is really happy for Keenan and applauds DG. However, DG made this video into an advertisement for his music, instead of a showing of love for music and for those who make music fun, like Keenan.

We all know that 1 bad word of mouth is worth many many good word of mouths, and here DG will be getting some bad word of mouth. This my friends is a prime example of how a good idea for Viral Marketing can be done wrong.

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