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Facebook and Social Gaming Boom

It’s hard to ignore, the fact that everywhere we look social games are popping into our lives. Starting with Mafia Wars and Farmville, this once tiny industry has in just a matter of a couple of years exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry, estimated to reach $2.18 Billion by 2012. And the most unthought aspect, is that the majority of these gamers are women. Surpassing the number of viewers of our biggest prime-time television watchers, social games are obviously here to stay. The ability for innovation within these games also seems limitless, able to link gamers to any brand, website, charities, etc. The things we will see out of the social and Facebook gaming industry over the next few years will no doubt be incredible, the possibilities are endless.


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Facebook Friend Map

This cool new Google Maps mashup with Facebook let you visualize your social network and how crazily spread out it really is with pinpointed locations. This isn’t the first Google Maps/Facebook Mashup, but its certainly one of the best so far. Written by college freshmen Ajay Mehta, Wesley Zhao, and Dan Shipper, another toast to the future of young entrepreneurs!


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“Flip” Your Facebook Profile

Flip your Profile is avalanching its way through the Facebook world. The new Facebook app allows users to make videos in place of profile pictures. WHOA. Now that’s cool, or could be really horrible like we will see our friends fail at making creative, funny videos. I can’t wait lol. Facebook is being innovated til the end of the days, and is keeping its distance from the competition, for now.

The next big question becomes if it will be available for fan pages? This could become the start to some really big investments in viral, integrative campaigns and just awesome videos.

Do you think you will create a profile VIDEO? Let us know.


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Facebook Growth

“7.9 new account registrations per second”. Facebook is unstoppable at the moment, if you are a business, you NEED to be on Facebook. There’s no more being cute about it, you want to be on Facebook and you want to do well on Facebook. Thanks to Social Bakers and DigitalBuzz. Check out the following bits of info:

  • Average user connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
  • Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
  • 30 billion pieces of content shared each month
  • 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook
  • 20 million applications installed every day


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Facebook Pages to be Redesigned

Tabs have been removed, and page admins now have the ability to post and comment on other Facebook Pages through a “Login as Page” feature. So now we have business’ that can act as people. Operating more like user profiles, the new layout favors a left hand navigation over the old tabbing system. And just like user profiles have had for the last few months, pages can now feature relevant photos on the top bar, giving space for creativity.

Page admins will be able to interact with Facebook as a page, not as an individual. Admins will also see a whole new news feed, that will display the most important news from the pages they’ve “liked”.

Admins will have until March 10 to switch over though, before Facebook automatically updates every page to the new design.

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Facebook Games, the Lifestyle

Check out the new infographic on Facebook gaming that might blow your mind, courtousy of AllFacebook. None of these numbers should surprise you though, and we’re expecting these numbers to only grow this year. It’s an exciting time for the gaming industry, and us as gamers.

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Infinite Information on the Internet

In a similar manner to our universe, the Internet is expanding at an incredibly rapid pace, reaching new levels of information storage and content creation every second. Perpetuated by the growth of the Internet users alongside of the migration of analog data to a digital format, the Internet has grown and will continue to grow at breakneck speed for some time to come. This wealth of information would apprea rto be a great thing, but storing and accessing all of this data may prove to be a rather difficult task.

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