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Is Groupon Worth Your Money?

With 5 Million Subscribers and growing everyday, Groupon is quickly becoming the new way to shop. It’s ideal for small business’ who need to stand out in a crowded market. However, there’s been some grumbling about the effectiveness of the promotion, and the following Infographic from MyCouponCodes gives us an easier to understand idea of Groupon. Do you use Groupon? Tell us what you think of it!



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Brand Engages Customers with GAMES

In the world of banking with many cliches about banks market, Standard Chartered Bank gave meaning to innovation. Using the knowledge about their target market and a new way of connection they envisioned with their customers, SCB created an engaging Facebook Campaign Game.

The idea is behind Ramaden, where family and friends gather inside of a tent. The game that SCB recreates that aspect of real life in a virtual setting, allowing users to create their own tent, decorate it with furniture, and invite guests to come visit. SCB credit cards are supplying the means of buying these items and gets exposure all over the game.

Although the campaign hasn’t attracted huge numbers (15,277), it says a lot about the future of marketing for corporations and company’s in making more interactive experiences for their customers.

Do you see a brand/company/website you love making a game out of their product? And reaching across millions of people? We sure do. Tell us what you think.

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“Flip” Your Facebook Profile

Flip your Profile is avalanching its way through the Facebook world. The new Facebook app allows users to make videos in place of profile pictures. WHOA. Now that’s cool, or could be really horrible like we will see our friends fail at making creative, funny videos. I can’t wait lol. Facebook is being innovated til the end of the days, and is keeping its distance from the competition, for now.

The next big question becomes if it will be available for fan pages? This could become the start to some really big investments in viral, integrative campaigns and just awesome videos.

Do you think you will create a profile VIDEO? Let us know.


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Google's 2011 SEO Wishlist

For those looking to optimize the search engine marketing for their website, Google has a few tips for you in order to meet their needs and thus make you at the top of their “good” list. A WebmasterWorld thread started by moderator, GooodROI, has SEOs and webmasters sharing the SEO Checklist for the new year, 2011.

Here are some of those items in the thread: Continue reading

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